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The Maker Movement

Everyone is a Natural Maker

The Maker Movement refers to a recent wave of DIY (do-it-yourself) innovative endeavors. It believes that anyone can explore, take apart, understand and create things. Anyone can be a maker now that tools, machinery, skills, and data are more accessible.

Unfortunately, the predominant image of the maker is understood to be white and male.

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The Big Issue

Where the Bad#!$ Female Makers at?

Many efforts have already been made to increase female participation and there are presently female makers that are kicking#$% in the field. However, as much as girls are being introduced to the Maker Movement encouraged to make and build. Teenage girls are note being catered as much as their younger peers.


The are many new factors that contribute not only to the lack of female participation but that of older girls, more precisely 13-19 years old. 

The big ones have to do with:


Not feeling safe holding tools and being close to machinery


Lack of encouragement and mentorship


Lack of visual representation


Lack of connection to making and building


No access to a female inspired maker community

This is Where We Come in!

Workshop Girls is a non-profit that offers a new generation of women, information, training and access to non-traditional careers in industry and craft.

Is to empower teenage girls with skills needed for building and making

Our Mission

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